A beautiful love story...

Our Anis is a hard candy and traditionally symbolizes the happiness and fertility that families and friends wish to young married couples, like grains of rice thrown when leaving the church, or like confetti (confetti means candy in Italian). Sharing a candy that holds an aniseed in its heart is a demonstration of love. All of these engravings and illustrations, taken from the Abbey’s archives, were designed by the successive manufacturers of Anis de l’Abbaye de Flavigny ®.

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You can see that while the image of the shepherd and the shepherdess has changed, it is almost imperceptible, and follows its own rhythm.
Our young couple is at times held back at a modest distance. At other times, they are closer and more intimate.

... unfolds before us on traditional boxes and oval tins

The first Anis de Flavigny ® packages were long cardboard tubes. When Jean Troubat launched the sale of his Anis in vending machines in the 1950s, he needed a solid box that could fall from the machines. This is how the first metal tin, at first round, then oval, appeared.

The first oval tins flavored with anise, mint and violet were then distributed in service stations on highways; new tins featuring flavors of coffee, cinnamon, jasmine, orange blossom, rose, liquorice and vanilla gradually joined them between the 1970s and 2005.

In 2002, a collection of tins was specially created for the organic range.

In 2006, a new collection was designed to illustrate the love story of our shepherd and shepherdess.

In 2009, our shepherd and shepherdess are spreading their love with ‘tasting sachets’ in cafés, hotels and restaurants.

New in 2013: the little box fits snugly into your pocket, ready to enjoy at any time – and comes with a small price tag! Catherine Troubat, the third generation to head this family enterprise, has brought back the old-fashioned box from her grandfather’s day and restyled it to fit current trends.

Les Petits Anis® are the little candies the village kids would come to ask for directly from the plant. They like to eat them by handful! “Until now, no one had ever thought to put Les Petits Anis® into little boxes... People can get and enjoy them outside Flavigny, too.” Catherine Troubat.

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