Three generations of Troubats,
assisted by 35 employees

In 1923, Jean Troubat took over the Anis de Flavigny ® factory from the Galimard family. He had the idea of selling his aniseed candies in the first vending machines in train and metro stations. He also sold them in the first department stores in Paris, at funfairs and in movie theaters. In 1928, he manufactured 80 tons of these candies, and already distributed them in the United States, Canada, Algeria and all over Europe.

In 1965, Nicolas Troubat took over the reins from his father Jean. He increased the production of Anis from 80 to 250 tons per year, using the same production method, still within the former abbey. Les Anis de Flavigny ® were then distributed on highways and in supermarkets in Burgundy.

After having experienced the joy of working alongside her father since 1990, Catherine Troubat took over the company, assisted by her three brothers and sisters, all involved in the company’s management. Anis de Flavigny ® can now be found in garden centers, organic stores, airports and train stations.

A factory teeming with know-how

Just like in old times...

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